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 A few illustrations for Carousel featured in Ooya Chiki’s 1979 art book


First 5 pages of the Anlabban (or the Tala comic..whatever).   Slowly piecing together between work.   There will be a switch to black and white at some point to just get the thing out there, lest it never happen at all.

Art and concept are me.

Story is by Bennett

I’ll chime in when there’s an “official” launch of this thing. 



I used my natural hair today~~!! ;)

what the heckie I am on my dash


Artist: MEMO (pixiv)


"My death will help no one. I am useless.
"Dear Lord, I beg of you, look into my heart and hear my prayer.
"In my next life, don't let me waste myself.
"Let me use my body for the true happiness of everyone in the world"

Tribute to one of my favorite movies, Night on the Galactic Railroad.


Roberto Ferri